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What Makes a Woman Tick?  It’s really not that complicated.   It truly boils down to her feeling connected through contact, communication and commitment, having some fun and feeling accomplished, appreciated and loved.



From Zero to Hero: 7 Simple Steps for When Your Gal is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad.  An effective relationship rescue tool that puts men in the driver seat.  It was created to guide men to win a woman’s heart and respect, and as a means for the men to discover some secret reasons behind women’s actions.  Two more books in this trilogy are forthcoming.




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So, What’ll You Have, Do or Be, Hon? –  Living Your Truth, Loving Yourself, Changing Your Life and the World 


Hard   978-1-4500-8609-7       Soft  978-1-4500-8532-8

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Hero Trilogy

  • From Zero to HERO: 7 Simple Steps OR LESS, For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad
  • Meeting Men’s Needs: No Friendly Fire at the Home Front
  • Hero Rules! Secrets to Attracting Wonderful Women, While Maintaining Your Manhood!

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The Big Facade:

Got it All - Still Unhappy

5 touching short stories of men who've overcome some of their greatest obstacles and the approaches taken that helped them soar to victory!

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