Meet Monika

Meet Your Personal Coach and Energy Worker, Monika...

Monika Huppertz is a personal life coach who partners with successful men who’ve got it all, yet are still unhappy to get their mojo back and become the fathers, husbands, leaders and men they were meant to be.    She calls this, going from their battleground to their playground.    Through Personal Truth Coaching... men gain back their swagger, the children have a great dad, the wives get back their hero husbands and society gains a livelier, more productive, healthier and happier citizen.   Win – Win – Win!

She is also a successful energy worker.  Using a variety of modalities, Monika uses her intuitive gifts and talents as well as the bio-field / energy field that makes up and surrounds all things, to eliminate the blocks, download what is missing and bring her clients back into a state of wholeness.

 As a child, Monika was recognized as being highly intuitive.  She has learned almost 20 different modalities over the years and seeks to learn more as this planet goes through shifts and changes. Modalities that have been around for quite some time don’t seem to have the same positive effect that they used to.  Keeping up with what is new, now and potent, allows Monika to bring the very best care to her clients at all times.

 Her love of children led Monika to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a minor in special education from the University of Alberta.  She was a special needs and regular education teacher for almost 30 years.  Monika has been certified through the International Coach Federation, was a founding member of Impact and is a member of the IAWBC (International Association of Women in Business Coaching).

 When young, she wanted to be a zoo veterinarian, but alas, that did not come to pass.  However, her love of animals has never waned.  No wonder that she also works with animals, having taken Sonya Fitzpatrick’s “How to Communicate with Animals” course.  Her first official distance healing was helping a sick and struggling bluebird in the United States who was happily adopted by new bluebird parents.

 Outside of her passion for coaching and energy work, Monika loves to create things.  Whether it was exciting lesson plans for her students, crafts as a child, jewelry as an adult, or books and courses for her coaching and energy work clients, Monika just simply loves to create.  Her other passions include children (obviously) and animals of all kinds. 

 Monika looks forward to sharing her gifts and talents with the world.  She has a personal goal to help 3 billion souls (people, animals, nature and even mother Earth) in some way before she passes on.  Monika currently lives in Alberta, Canada.



In an effort to solve some common client concerns, she wrote several books.  

What Makes a Woman Tick


What Makes a Woman Tick?  It’s really not that complicated.   

It truly boils down to her feeling connected through contact, communication and commitment, having some fun and feeling accomplished, appreciated and loved.


From Zero to Hero: 7 Simple Steps for When Your Gal is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad.  

An effective relationship rescue tool that puts men in the driver seat.  It was created to guide men to win a woman’s heart and respect, and as a means for the men to discover some secret reasons behind women’s actions.  Two more books in this trilogy are forthcoming. 

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The Big Facade:

Got it All - Still Unhappy

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Dear Monika Dena Huppertz, Great Job!   You are an example of positive change.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the work and service you provide to our community with Personal Truth: Coaching and Energy Work.

Edmonton is a beautiful city, and enjoying the level of detail and commitment you put to each initiative, makes it even better. The purpose behind your product/service allows us to trust in the way you conduct business as a whole, and we are more than happy to connect with you and be mesmerized but all the greatness you keep seeding.

We appreciate the cooperative spirit and just wanted to reach out and make sure that Today, you are recognized. We Are Grateful For You!

We couldn't be more thrilled to put our two cents in building a more conscious and sustainable world.

With many thanks,

Catalina Morales Velez
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