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Awakening Dynamics

Awakening Dynamics is an alternative mind power technique to identify and correct the core problems that cause us so much pain, stress, and unhappiness.

Brent Michael PhillipsBrent Michael Phillips is the creator of Awakening Dynamics® system, which consists of advanced consciousness technology based on the Seven Sacred Tools of Higher Dimensional Living.  While many people initially go to a healing practitioner for relief from a physical injury or illness, Awakening Dynamics has worked equally well for emotional and spiritual issues. In fact, physical challenges are often related to some underlying emotional and/or spiritual problems that need to be resolved before the physical symptoms will heal completely. 
I have studied under Brent Michael Phillips and am proud to be a teacher of his level 1 course.  I've been watching Brent's practice for several years and was finally able to dedicate myself to this practice after retiring from teaching.  I have experienced many healings myself and have witnessed others' healings as well.

The Great eCourse Adventures: 
Experience: The New Frontier of Online Education
A community of digital pioneers, creative entrepreneurs, teachers, transformation facilitators, artists, producers, media makers and tech companies. By merging art, entertainment, gamification, storytelling, media and technology, we are transforming the way humans teach and learn online.
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I'm creating exciting courses that look like a cross between adventure movies and video games.  They are fun and interactive.  Check it out!

The Coaches' Console
C CCoaches Console is the business success system that hundreds of coaches are using.  It's a powerful tool I've been using to coach more clients and earn more money.  Save time and money by being able to manage multiple systems in one place (calendar, emails, drip content, and booking appointments).
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Coaches' Console has made all the difference in my coaching and energy work businesses. This tool really helped me with building, growing and working with my wonderful clients.

The Busy Guitarist
The Busy Guitarist The Busy Guitarist is an online platform designed to help busy musicians improve their skills quickly, without the added fluff. You concentrate on learning the skills you need to advance as a guitarist. Learn with simple actionable steps!   Jonathan Stewart has been involved in the music industry, for 7-8 years, building music experiences for game developers as well as teaching others to explore music through the Guitar.
I've worked with Jonathan on a few projects and really enjoyed working with him.  He is a patient teacher with a great sense of humour.



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Simple Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

Easy ways to discover your subconscious beliefs!

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The Big Facade:

Got it All - Still Unhappy

5 touching short stories of men who've overcome some of their greatest obstacles and the approaches taken that helped them soar to victory!

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Dear Monika Dena Huppertz, Great Job!   You are an example of positive change.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the work and service you provide to our community with Personal Truth: Coaching and Energy Work.

Edmonton is a beautiful city, and enjoying the level of detail and commitment you put to each initiative, makes it even better. The purpose behind your product/service allows us to trust in the way you conduct business as a whole, and we are more than happy to connect with you and be mesmerized but all the greatness you keep seeding.

We appreciate the cooperative spirit and just wanted to reach out and make sure that Today, you are recognized. We Are Grateful For You!

We couldn't be more thrilled to put our two cents in building a more conscious and sustainable world.

With many thanks,

Catalina Morales Velez
Maré Founder
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